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Humane Education

Humane Education seeks to prevent abuse of animals and humans by teaching empathy, kindness, and integrity in relationships. In programs for schools, scouting organizations, after-school programs, religious groups, residential treatment programs, and other community groups, our staff explores the ways humans can live with compassion and respect for all living creatures. We provide positive examples and guidance designed to benefit our communities by improving the treatment of our fellow humans and the animals who offer us their companionship.

Education and Outreach Manager: Lori Swanson, 413-781-4000 x 112

Our Programs:

Animal Tales Animal Tales gives children an opportunity to meet some of our friendly shelter animals and listen to animal stories.

PAWS for Safety PAWS for Safety is a bite-prevention program intended to keep children safe and positively enhance the bond between children and animals.

Animals and Ethics Animals and Ethics provides students with facts and accurate information regarding the ethical treatment of animals.

Kids, Critters, and Character Kids, Critters, and Character focuses on our lovable pets and our planet's amazing array of animals to bring messages of compassion to life.

Animals in Society Animals in Society helps increase awareness of some of the important issues facing animals today. The program explores ways in which teens can make a difference in the lives of animals in their communities and nationwide.

Friends for Life Program Friends for Life Program teaches children how to care responsibly for their pets.

Animal-Assisted Therapy Animal-Assisted Therapy gives individuals with behavioral, emotional, physical, and learning challenges the opportunity to develop bonds and positive connections with people AND animals. Animal-Assisted Therapy can increase self-esteem, compassion, and feelings of empathy toward all living creatures.


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